BOYTON, Oklahoma - OSBI is investigating the town of Boynton over how former town officials and a current town official handled money.

The state auditor opened an investigation for the time period of June, 2014 thru the end of July in 2016 and say they found embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

Muskogee County DA Orvil Loge says the OSBI and the State Auditor’s STATE AUDITOR'S investigation started after his office received tips.

"They would either call me or come in and talk to me about what they thought was going on and the irregularities that they were seeing," said Loge.

The nearly 30-page report names two former town employees and the current mayor. It says Mayor Kay Lang received about $1,078 in "questionable compensation." The mayor says she was given the money for the work she completed.

"I was paid I had no idea I shouldn't get paid because I'm on the board. It was just explained to me through the audit," said Lang.

The audit says former town employee Willie Hopkins received more than $37,000 in questionable pay. It also states that the Former town clerk Candace Lang, who is related TO the mayor, misappropriated more than $76,000 of town funds.

"No, I didn't have any idea that she had taken that money and we as a board we trusted her to believe that what she was doing was legal, every time we asked her she said everything was done," said Mayor Lang.

The audit also says there is lack of properly elected officials, records and oversight. The District Attorney says his door is always open.

"They can come to my office and talk to me about things they think is going on and to the fact that they were right on point and the investigation on the audit is showing that," said Loge.

The 30-page audit has been forwarded to OSBI. Once their investigation is complete, the district attorney’s office will decide whether or not to file charges.

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