TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a Tulsa couple Monday afternoon after officers say they found a 6-year-old boy hidden in a bucket and covered by a plastic bag.

Police say 32-year-old Steven Adams and 34-year-old Tonya Greer are both in the Tulsa County jail on complaints of child neglect and obstructing police.

In their arrest report, police say DHS called them after getting reports of a child being mistreated.  When officers showed up Monday at the residence, they found Greer and Adams hiding under blankets on the bed.

When asked where the child was, Greer said she didn't know. During a search, police heard moans coming from a "storage bucket" by the door. Police found the boy in the bucket covered with a plastic bag.

The report says the boy began crying and appeared to have trouble breathing. Police also said they saw what appeared to be multiple bruises on the boy's body.

While they were being arrested, Adams and Greer admitted the boy had been hit in the head and they never made any attempt to seek medical treatment for the boy, police said. They also admitted to putting the boy in the storage bucket to hide him from police. 

The report says Adams and Greer are the boy's guardians, but it doesn't specify any other relationship between them and the boy.