MANNFORD, Oklahoma - Jerry Green’s place in rural Mannford in Creek County looks like the home for random pieces of, well junk. Those are his art supplies.

“You look through a pile of junk,” he said, “you pick this up, and you pick that up, and if a light comes on you put it together.”

Like the tractor, he created from salvaged pieces of a 1940’s model John Deer manure spreader.


Inside his shop, there are more creations. Fire pits made from old propane tanks. He has them cleaned up, draws on them then cuts out his drawings with a plasma cutter.

“There’s no end to what you can do with them,” he said. “I’ve laid out a few things for you to see.”

An old gas can and a string of lights has become a lantern. There’s an old gear he’s saving to become a table base someday. A string of tractor seats hanging outside, he calls his redneck windchimes are just waiting to become something else.

That’s the difference between Jerry and the rest of us. He sees art where we just see stuff.

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