WASHINGTON, D.C. - Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin has introduced a bill that would continue funding Indian Health Services during the partial government shutdown.

Mullin says his bill is written to continue funding Indian Health Services [IHS].

He posted his comments on his congressional Facebook page.

Native American Health Services says they are feeling the pinch due to the partial shutdown.  IHS officials tell News On 6, their employees are working through the shutdown at facilities where direct health care is provided.  They say many administrative duties are impacted.

And they say right now, they can't pay the programs or organizations that contract with them.

The National Council of Urban Indian Health says the shutdown has "profoundly" impacted them, and they warn about a half dozen clinics could close if the shutdown continues past 30 days or if they don't get funding.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin wrote the bill, "Pay Our Doctors Act." It is in a US House committee right now and it funds Indian Health Services through the fiscal year, in case the shutdown continues to drag on.

But since it's still in committee and it may still be combined with another bill.  Right now, no floor vote scheduled for the bill.

The bill has bipartisan co-sponsors, including Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole and newly-elected First District Congresswoman Democrat Kendra Horn.