Tulsa Police arrested two teens they say broke into a marijuana growing facility early Tuesday morning. Police say they noticed a strong odor of marijuana when they pulled up to the building at about 1 a.m.

"There was an overwhelming smell of marijuana - like high-grade marijuana, and we could see several plants sticking out from the inside," said Sergeant Joe Gamboa, TPD. 

"At that point we weren't sure if it was illegal or what it was."

They were responding to a call from neighbors who said someone was breaking into the building which is located near 33rd West Avenue and West 41st Street.

Officers found two teens inside and a large bunch of marijuana plants hanging out of the window they say the teens used to get inside.

They say the teens are both juveniles. Officers arrested them on second-degree burglary complaints.

Tulsa Police say officers found what appeared to be a license to distribute medical marijuana, but they are investigating to make sure those documents are real. 

Police stayed at the building long enough to make sure it was secure again.