BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - School is out, but classes continued in Broken Arrow on Tuesday as the district held it's first ever "virtual school day". 

The teachers met at the school for professional development while the students worked from home. But it's not homework it's regular school work.

"I'd say 95% of our assignments are on the Chromebook and not on paper," said BA Freshman Dax Salisbury.

Dax and Olivia Salisbury worked on all their subjects, online. They could call friends for help or email the teachers back at school. Olivia said it wasn't any easier than usual and she had to work a couple of hours, but she says she works fast.

"I still like the whole part of going to school and being able to talk to your friends, but I do like the chance to stay home and work at my own pace," said Olivia.

For the district, the day was something of an experiment; the first virtual day for all students.

"This is a pilot where we're trying to figure if we can have school if we're out long term for snow days or if we have one school, with maybe a tree down in the driveway," said BA School's Charlie Hannema. "Right now our only option is to cancel school for the whole district."

April Salisbury admits she was skeptical at first but then realized there's value in having the virtual option for a snow day without extending the school year and she says the students are learning.

"I think our kids need to learn to do things independently and this gives them an opportunity to do that," said April.

Students have to turn in work, on time and the computer use is tracked. Students have to turn in work, on time and the computer use is tracked. Younger students without computers turn in the work tomorrow.