CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - In Rogers County, an 11-year-old walks miles for help, in the cold and deputies arrest his parents as a result.

Deputies took him home and found why he couldn’t stay there and now we know more about the conditions in that home.

Deputies made arrests after checking the home and finding what they call deplorable conditions and we have pictures they took for evidence.

Dirty dishes stacked in the kitchen, pots of molded food on the stove - and garbage everywhere in a house where four children lived.

Deputies say an 11-year-old boy decided to reach out for help. They say he walked seven miles Sunday night from the family's home on the east side of Owasso to a convenience store on the west side of Claremore, a distance of seven miles. 

"It's pretty scary to think that a child is out on his own at that hour," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Deputies arrested the parents, Charles and Angel January, on neglect complaints.

"Very thankful we were able to make contact with him and not only get him to a warm place where he was taken care of but obviously out of those horrible conditions."

Deputies said the house was covered in “Animal fecal matter and garbage” and had a “Strong smell of urine.”  The steps to the boy's room blocked by garbage, molded food on the floor and the filthy mattresses barely visible underneath mounds of trash. Deputies say the boy and three other children lived, all taken out by DHS, turned over to grandparents.

"I don’t have the answer for it as far as what we can do to fix these people. We have a responsibility to get the children to a safe spot but we also have an arrest to make an arrest when one is necessary," said Sheriff Walton.

April January is out on bond, but Charles remains behind bars.

Deputies say the boy's sisters are aged five, seven and 14.