TULSA - No one likes to lose something. Gathering Place tells us its lost-in-found is full of all kinds of things from shoes, socks, pacifiers, backpacks, keys and cell phones. One thing you don’t see a lot of in the lost-and-found is stuffed animals.

So when the Queen family lost a special member of it's family, their little stuffed animal puppy, named Puppy Pup, it really stood out.

“When we were walking back to the car I think I accidentally dropped him,” Rejee Queen, 6, said.

Someone found the stuffed animal and turned it over to those at the park.

Jadah Queen, Rejee’s mom, couldn’t believe it when she called and they said, yup we have him right here. The puppy is especially sentimental because Rejee has had it since she was a baby and takes it everywhere with her.

“The little girl was distraught she didn’t have her Puppy Pup with her. So we took this as an opportunity to really shock and awe and give her the unexpected moment on how she was going to receive this lost and found item back to her,” Lesley Patterson with Gathering Place, explained.

“A week and a half later, we got this box with a t-shirt, keychain and a sweet little letter,” Queen said.

The letter explained that little Puppy Pup continued the family Christmas vacation at Gathering Place, eating food, going down slides, playing on the zip-line and hanging out with the staff.

“She had a great time here at the park, she loves the park, why not make it fun not only to make her day but to give our team a little something fun to do,” Patterson added.

The staff included pictures of Puppy Pup all over the park, handwriting the details of his adventure on the back of each one.

“They’re not getting anything out of this. They just genuinely wanted to make our day and let us know that they cared.”