TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say a woman used one stolen car as a battering ram to steal a second one Tuesday night has been arrested at a Tulsa apartment complex.

Police say the woman broke into Midtown KIA near 47th and Yale at about 10:30 p.m. They say she took a group of keys then walked through the lot until she found a car one of the keys would open.

People at the nearby Applebee's saw her and called police.

"Multiple people calling in say they were walking around the lot looking in vehicles, what was actually occurring was a theft of the vehicles that were on the lot," said Sergeant Joe Gamboa, Tulsa Police.

Police say she used that car to crash through a fence protecting the more expensive vehicles. She rammed the vehicle into the fence numerous times, causing significant damage to the car and the barrier.

Once she broke through the fence, she took a black 2019 KIA K-900. Officers say there is surveillance photos from the break-in but they have not yet released it.

Police say it's not likely she acted alone.