TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police have one adult and a teenager in custody accused of breaking into cars at a hotel near 41st and Garnett. But officers are still searching for three others.

The drivers are left spending a lot of money replacing their windows. One car’s passenger window was smashed in and there's glass lying all over the ground.

Police say a security officer saw five people breaking into vehicles in front of the hotel. Stan Herl says he was leaving the hotel when he discovered that they tried to break into his new truck.

"Well, I walked out here, seen my window all bubbled out and as soon as I touched the door handle, it just shattered," said Herl.

Officers say the burglars ran away when they saw TPD's helicopter. Police say they arrested a juvenile suspect at an apartment complex down the street

The hotel's security officer caught one of the suspects, Devin Duckett, in the parking lot of a nearby Applebee's. The other three suspects got away.

"It's just sad that people do that. Anyway, hope they get what's coming to them," said Herl.

Police say they recovered several stolen items from one of those suspects.