COLLINSVILLE, Oklahoma - A Green Country man at the center of a Silver Alert is on his way home to Collinsville.

Daryl Widney, 66, is back with family more than 500 miles from his home.

The Collinsville man was found in Galveston, Texas Thursday morning after driving himself there without telling family.

"We realized he had packed up all of his belongings and his clothes from his closet and snuck out in the middle of the night," said Jason Widney, Daryl's son, who talked to News On 6 by phone.

Jason said his father suffers from dementia, and they were able track his movements through his iPhone.

"We've remained calm," said Jason.

Jason said his dad worked in the oil industry and may have been confused, thinking he had meetings there.

He says it's been tough navigating the disease.

"He was diagnosed in the fall, and it's been a tedious process to try and navigate the legal side of power of attorney and driver license and all that kind of stuff," he said.

And understandably, he says difficult on the personal side as well.

It's something the Alzheimer's Association here in Tulsa says they can help with.

"When family members start showing signs of dementia, some of those early conversations can be challenging and uncomfortable," said Heather Duvall, Director of Programs.

Duvall said they provide resources and free consultations for families, who need to have difficult conversations with their loved ones, like taking their license away.

"Those conversations need to keep that person's dignity intact," she said. "And always being respectful and recognizing their independence, but safety is important too."

Something Jason and thousands of families across the state, unfortunately have to tackle.