OWASSO, Oklahoma - On September 17, 2018, Evan Mutispaugh, 4, drowned in a neighbor's hot tub. His mom, Amy is now on a mission to make sure that another family doesn't have to experience the pain and loss that they're still processing. 

"I stepped out of the water to go speak with a friend. Evan had been in the shallows and somewhere in my engagement of conversation, somehow right around the corner from me, he slipped into a hot tub." 

Evan was pulled from the water and CPR was administered but it was too late. The whole thing unfolded in front of his sister, Rubi, 6, who is now taking ISR swimming lessons. 

ISR is a program that teaches children as little as 6-months-old how to flip onto their back in the water and float until they're rescued. Children over the age of one learn how to float, flip over to swim to the edge of the pool or to the ladder and flip back to float again each time they need to catch their breath. 

"We waited on Evan because we thought he should be older to take the lessons but now we know they can start at 6 months old," Mutispaugh said. 

ISR has been around for more than 50 years but Amy admits she's surprised by how many parents don't know about the technique or the age in which kids can sign up. After losing her son she's hoping that other parents will consider enrolling their children. 

"They don't need to look at the price tag, they don't need to look at how much commitment is involved, they need to look at what is the value of the cost of the value of my child." 

For more information on ISR and how to find an instructor near you click here: http://jgilkey.infantswim.com/instructor/