PORTER, Oklahoma - Wagoner County deputies said they made progress in their investigation of possible child pornography being shared on social media by students at Porter Schools.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said his office was notified by Porter School officials last Friday about the video.

"One student was inside a bathroom and videotaped another student inside the stall of the bathroom. The student inside the stall was not aware that he was being recorded," said Elliott.

Elliott said the video quickly spread after one student sent it to another.

"That's the dangers of using social media to send any type of message, any type of video, and any type of picture. Once it's sent from your phone or your computer, you've lost complete control of it," said Elliott.

He said while the investigation is ongoing. He thinks this situation could be a learning experience for other students and their parents.

"Did the person that did this, did he do this maliciously? I don't think he did it maliciously. I just think he did something stupid and did a stupid kid mistake. That's what I want to caution all the parents to," said Elliott.

Even though Elliott thinks it began as a mistake, he said the charges could be quite serious even for a juvenile.

"The charges that we're looking at is possession of child pornography. We're also looking at transmitting child pornography. We're also looking at using an electronic instrument to transmit child pornography, which are all three felony charges," said Elliot.

The decision of charges will ultimately be made by the Wagoner County District Attorney's Office.

News On 6 reached out to Porter Schools and is waiting to hear back.