Families Attend McAlester Vigil For Murder Victims

Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 10:39 pm
By: News On 6

The family of a man shot and killed is bringing other grieving families together. More than one hundred people came together Tuesday night in McAlester to honor their loved ones. The vigil tonight was for families whose loved ones are missing or are homicide victims.

Many of those families say they are still waiting for justice.

"Nothing can bring him back," said Bart Jameson’s cousin Toni Hail, "For his brothers, I know it has been very, very difficult. He recently had a birthday. I'm sorry, would've had  birthday."

It is a word some families here at this McAlester vigil say they are still waiting for. Families like Holly Cantrell's. Holly has been missing since 2017.

"It is like a nightmare. You wake up and it's there and you go to bed and it is there. It just never ends," says Holly’s mom Joellen Constancio.

The vigil was organized by the family of Bart Jameson who was shot and killed early this year. A woman named Brenda Savage has been charged with his murder. She is out of jail on bond.

"When you know the person that did something like that is out an about it is unsettling," said Hail.

Jameson's family is back in court tomorrow because the suspect has another hearing but they wanted other grieving families who say they are also waiting for justice---to feel a little less alone tonight.

"Going through that process. It is like being cut and every time it is just salt in the wound over and over and over," said Hail, "It goes beyond that - it is empathy. That is what we have for one another because we know what it is like to be in that situation."

Savage's attorney says she should not be charged with murder saying the shooting was an accident but prosecutors say she loaded the gun and was laughing after the shooting.