City Of Tulsa Starts Adding New Traffic Lights With Flashing Yellow Arrow

Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 6:48 am
By: Shannon Rousseau

Change is happening in the Tulsa area today. And depending where you are in the city, you'll likely see some new traffic lights.

The City of Tulsa is starting to phase in new traffic lights that use a flashing yellow arrow for left turns. This means drivers will need to yield to oncoming traffic.

Starting Tuesday, drivers will see the new lights at four locations: 46th Street North and Highway 169, 46th Street North and 125th East Avenue, 36th Street North and Garnett, and over in Tulsa Hills at 81st and Olympia. They'll add another light at 71st and Olympia soon.

The flashing arrow for the left-turn lane could also be red or green, which of course means to stop or go. The new signals will hopefully improve traffic flow and safety.

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program has also found the flashing yellow arrow to also be effective at cutting down driver confusion.