Former Oklahoma Resident Talks Preparation For Hurricane Dorian

Monday, September 2nd 2019, 8:03 pm
By: Erick Payne

Even though Hurricane Dorian has changed paths, thousands of people traveling to and from Florida will be impacted, including some from Oklahoma.

Jennifer Buck lived in Claremore from the time she was a child -- until just a few years ago. Now she lives on Vero Beach, along Florida's east coast.

She took a video in which you can see the waves and wind picking up with Hurricane Dorian in the distance.

"Water is up really high, already looks ferocious," Buck said.

Buck said her years in Oklahoma taught her respect for Mother Nature. That's why she always stays prepared. Right after she moved to Florida from Oklahoma they experienced their first hurricane.

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"It's sometimes like being in the middle of a tornado itself, for sometimes hours at a time," Buck said.

She says there is much more time to prepare with tropical storms than with tornadoes.

"Really the preparations started mid last week, there was the run on water, bread, all that kind of normal stuff you'd see coming off the shelf," Buck said,

More families are starting to take Hurricane Dorian seriously though.

Buck said people have been helpful to each other as they all brace for the storm.