Businesses In Owasso Hope New Park Will Bring In Customers

Friday, August 30th 2019, 11:03 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Big development plans for the City of Owasso are in place as people continue to count down the days until the Redbud Festival Park opens in the downtown area.

Officials said when the it opens they hope it'll provide an area for all types of events. The park is still a work in progress but businesses said they hope it'll bring in people and money. At Drip The Beverage Lab in Owasso, the thought of a new festival park popping up in town is brewing up some fresh conversation.

"I think it's a great thing. I mean, there is so much foot traffic around here that movies are just going to draw people down here draw people over to us, get our word out get Mad Eats and Smoke's get people over there," said Molly Strabala, a Barista at Drip Coffee.

Just two doors down, at SMOKE. Woodfire Grill, the excitement about bringing more people into Owasso is also a hot topic.

"That will be great for everybody, it'll just bring some more people to get excited about what we are doing out here," said Stephanie Wheatcraft, the Manager at SMOKE. Woodfire Grill.

Construction on the $2.5 million Redbud Festival Park on North Main Street is making headway.

Workers are pouring more cement When the park opens, it will have a lot of greenspace, an Amphitheatre for concerts, movies and other planned events.

"This is gonna be the place to gather the place to spend time with your friends and family in Owasso," said Director of Economic Development Owasso Chelsea Levo Feary.

The city said the goal is to create a sense of community for people to come together.

"It’s going to continue that activity as well as really help it grow and thrive," said Levo Feary.

While bringing more people to downtown Owasso and giving a big boost the local economy.

The city said they hope to have the park open by the holidays.