Tulsa Police: Newest Scammers Say They'll Arrest You If You Don't Pay

Friday, August 2nd 2019, 9:18 pm
By: Robert McCarty

Tulsa Police said they've seen a new scam pop up in the past two weeks that targets many people.

In the newest scam, people will say you're a suspect for money laundering and to protect your money you have to put it on prepaid money cards and if you are cleared the police will come to your house and refund your money.

Scammers will ask that you give them access to the prepaid card and then they steal your money. They will also say if you hang up the phone you will be arrested immediately.  

It's known that the scammers like to use Google Play Cards, Apple iTunes Cards, prepaid Visa, and even GameStop Cards.

Investigations don't work like this. No law enforcement entity will ever ask for money or donations. No matter what they say or how threatened you may feel it's important to not give in to the demands.