Tulsa Police Start Red, Yellow Light Enforcement in August

Thursday, August 1st 2019, 7:53 am
By: News On 6

If you are a driver who sees a yellow light and drives through an intersection, you may want to start stopping. 

Tulsa Police say this month they will be monitoring intersections and writing tickets.

Officers are trying to cut down the number of severe and deadly crashes in intersections, so red and yellow light violations will have hefty fines with no warnings.

Police will be monitoring random intersections across Tulsa in the month of August looking for drivers who run red lights and yellow lights. 

Police will be giving out a $250 ticket to drivers who either run red lights, cross into the intersection while the light is red or have their cars over a cross walk. 

Police say red light violations are the leading cause of injury collisions in intersections. 

Now, you may he wondering what a yellow light violation is; police say that if a driver has a yellow light they need to know that a red light will be immediately after. 

Police don't want drivers seeing a yellow light, continuing to drive and driving through an intersection while a light is turning red. 

Yellow light violations will be $200. 

Officers say they will also be watching to make sure drivers are yielding to pedestrians in cross walks and properly turning right on red. 

Police also want to remind people to stay off cell phones while driving, wear a seat belt and make sure children are properly secured.