Mayes Co. Deputies Searching For Driver Involved In Hit & Run

Tuesday, July 16th 2019, 11:42 pm
By: News On 6

Deputies in Mayes County are searching for a driver who witnesses said hit a woman with their truck and then left her in the street.

Deputies said they think they know what the truck looks like, they just need the community’s help to find it. Investigators said the woman who was hit is still in ICU. Two agencies are working on this case. 

This occurred on Highway 82, just south of Locus Grove.

Investigators said witnesses saw a dark blue Chevy extended cab rear end a car. The driver pulled over, a passenger got out of the car and that’s when witnesses said the driver of the truck hit the passenger and took off. 

“We’ve got concerns for other citizens. If somebody will leave someone without rendering aid on the side of the road, obviously it’s very concerning for us,” said Mayes County Major Rod Howell.

Howell said three nurses drove past the scene. They helped the injured woman until first responders arrived.

“We got lucky there," Howell said. "That we were able to have some witnesses that was in the medical field. So that was a blessing in itself."

Now the focus is finding the truck.

Howell said he wants to do right by the victim in this situation.

Howell said OHP is working the initial hit and run accident and Mayes County is working the assault of the passenger.

“We are a country community of under 50,000 so a lot of people know each other. So it hits close to home," Howell said. "It’s great to have people you can lean on in a time like this."

","published":"2019-07-17T04:42:01.000Z","updated":"2019-07-17T12:31:45.000Z","summary":"Deputies in Mayes County are searching for a driver witnesses said hit a woman with his truck and then left her in the street.