Lake Keystone Businesses Join Forces To Open Before 4th Of July

Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, 9:01 am
By: Amy Kauffman

Keystone Lake sees over a million visitors every year and many campsites are still underwater right now. 

Despite the historic flooding, many businesses are banding together to get through the busy holiday weekend together. Keystone Harbor says some campsites will be open on the 4th and they plan to continue to open more sites as the water goes down. 

Their hope is to have all of them open by the 15th, but they say they feel very fortunate compared to other businesses out on the lake. 

“As this lake goes down the next two feet before the 4th all of that will be able to be traveled,” said the owner of Keystone Harbor, Ron Howell. 

Ron Howell says a lot of their buildings had about two to four feet of water in them during the flooding, including their brand new bathhouse. 

“We were very fortunate that we were able to get that cleaned up and cleaned out much easier than the people who had 6-8 feet of water in their homes,” said Howell. 

Keystone Harbor sits around 754 feet while places like Pier 51 and Jellystone Park sit a little lower. Owners there say they are still feeling the impact of the flooding. 

“Like Keystone Harbor, we make all of our money in three months of summer so not having Memorial Day or Fourth of July, we’re going to do our best that’s why we’re here,” said GM of Pier 51, Sean Adair. 

Adair says it’s also been really hard on some of their staff, who haven’t been able to work yet this summer. 

“Right before the summer season started for them with their training the flood-hit so I couldn’t put them to work and I still can’t put them to work,” said Adair. 

Because of the flooding, Pier 51 wouldn’t have been able to put on a fireworks show this year. So Keystone Harbor along with Black Beard Marina wanted to step in to help by planning three big nights of fireworks for the community. Pier 51 is even planning a boat parade to travel to watch the fireworks, which they hope will help boost morale for the community, who has suffered a lot this summer. 

“That day will always be in history and that day will always be celebrated regardless of the situation we are in,” said Adair. 

“We don’t want anybody to be focused on floods or high water. That will pass. Things can be cleaned up and replaced so come out and celebrate this great country,” said Howell. 

The fireworks will start around 9:30 on the 4th, 5th, and 6th. 

Pier 51 says they will be open for fuel for your boat this holiday weekend.