Verdigris River In Coffeyville Expected To Breach Levee By Midnight

Monday, May 27th 2019, 8:37 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

People who live on the east side of Coffeyville are evacuating as the Verdigris River swells, threatening homes and businesses.

Part of the town flooded back in 2007 and now people are getting ready to face the water again.

City Of Coffeyville Orders Mandatory Evacuation For Flood Prone Areas 

The City of Coffeyville says the National Weather Service is expecting the river to reach 26.5 feet by midnight or earlier. The levee is 26 feet.

As the Verdigris River moves in on the town of Coffeyville, some businesses are moving out, at least for now.

“Last time, it was about five foot in here,” Quicker Liquor Owner Greg Vowell said. The store was a convenience store back in 2007.

Employees are moving fast to pack up every bottle at the store along highway 166. Volunteers like Sue Scott are helping too.

“If I was in need they would be there for me. And that’s what Coffeyville is about,” Scott said.

Not far away, Brenda Jones is watching the water rise on the road behind her house.

“Everybody’s on edge because of the 2007 flood,” she said.

Like many who live on the east side of town, she has an evacuation notice from the city. She said she’ll leave if the water gets up to her shed in her backyard.

“It’s gonna be OK,” Jones said.

People who have left are waiting it out at the First Southern Baptist Church, where The Red Cross is providing a place to rest, and fill up on three meals a day.

“We’re just hoping and praying that it doesn’t get as a bad as it was,” Scott said.

If you plan to go to the shelter, the city says you need to check in with the Red Cross at 128th West 8th Street before heading to the church. The city said it will be implementing a curfew beginning Monday night, until dawn.