Electric Scooter Company Brings Fun New Transportation Option To Tulsa

Friday, October 26th 2018, 6:34 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

There's a new way to cruise around Tulsa and it’s on two wheels.

An electric scooter company called "Lime" unveiled hundreds of scooters on Friday. While some are excited about the new rides the idea is raising safety concerns in other cities.

"It's so nostalgic, I think. Every kid I know had one of these growing up," said Michaela Washington.

"Sort of exhilarating for a scooter sounds kind of corny, but it is. You can feel the wind blowing your hair back.  It's kinda fun!" said Rachelle Mitchell.

Riders can scoot around at the River Parks trail along Gathering Place, and at Brookside, Cherry Street and part of Route 66.

"You have a lot of different neighborhoods that are starting to develop but they aren't connected yet. And people are driving sometimes in between these spots, even though they're only a mile away," said Nick Jones of Lime.

In other cities some people claim they're getting hurt on electric scooters, a woman from Portland is in a wheelchair.

"I went plunging down onto my right leg. Didn't fall, but my femur went through my tibia," said Adele Hughes.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Lime, and one of its competitors, Bird.

"Safety is very important to Lime. So, we just rolled out, last month, a new initiative, it's called 'Respect the Ride,” said Jones.

Jones says the new program means safety workshops focused on rider education will soon be in every city where the scooters are.

But right now, people like Rachelle Mitchell are just enjoying the ride.

"I don't feel unsafe at all. It's pretty balanced. Plenty of foot room," said Rachelle.

Lime offers helmets to riders who want to wear one. They can be picked up at the Lime office, which is in the East Village.