Tulsa Man Uses Cell Phone App To Track Down Stolen Car

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 10:00 pm
By: Amy Avery

A Tulsa man is sharing his story after his car was stolen this past weekend.

James Alame says he was at home sleeping when someone came in, stole his keys and wallet off the counter, and took his car out of the garage. He was able to track the vehicle down himself and called Tulsa Police to get it back.

"I was kind of in shock at first. I was like 'how can my car be gone when I parked in my garage?'" said Alame.

Alame says he called police after he saw the back door was pried open and noticed some damage on his back porch.  

"I had my door locked, but I know a lot of times I don't. I didn't have my security system set that night to where it would call the cops if the door opens and it took one night and look what happens," said Alame.

James used a cell phone app to track his car to an apartment complex near 71st and Mingo. A small camera in his living room also caught the suspects on video.

"He walked right up to it, put his face in the camera. I posted that video on Facebook and, by sharing that, I got a lot of the information I needed," said Alame.

Tulsa Police arrested a 14-year-old. James says he's worried that if the teen is let out, he will strike again.

"Make sure you set your alarms and watch your stuff, have lights on the front porch, because those kids are creeping around here. It's happened to a lot of other people, not just me," said Alame.

Tulsa Police are still investigating this case because there were more people involved.