Rogers County Man Recognized After Helping Deputies Make Arrest

Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

A Rogers County man was honored Wednesday for helping deputies make a hostile arrest.

Mark Bowling said he was driving home when he saw a Rogers County Sheriff's deputy struggling to take a man into custody on the side of the road. He said he stopped his car, got out, and actually helped the deputy make the arrest.

"One of the kids was confronting him, cussing at him, kicking at him and everything else," Bowling said. 

He said he was driving home from a friend’s house barefooted, with no shirt when he saw a Rogers County Sheriff's deputy in a struggle on the side of the road.

"Didn't even think about it. I stopped the truck, ran up behind him and bear hugged him for a second. Didn't think nothing of it," Bowling said. 

The sheriff said Deputy Brent Longhorn tased the guy, but it didn't work.

Bowling said the man took off running down the road.

"Only thing I figured is jump in my truck, run through a field and run him down," Bowling said. 

And he did; he caught the guy and escorted him right back to the deputies.

"When somebody actually goes out and puts themselves in harm's way to help one of us, we're very, very grateful," said Sheriff Scott Walton. 

So, on Wednesday, the sheriff and Deputy Longhorn presented him with an award.

"I've never received anything my whole life on anything. This kind of surprised me," Bowling said. "I didn't want nothing. It was just, I figured I was helping out with my part."

It was a job well done by a man who wasn't even on duty.