Mayes County Family Takes Cover As Possible Tornado Sweeps By House

Sunday, August 19th 2018, 10:12 pm
By: News On 6

Cell phone video captured the moment Kristen Coblentz and her family saw a tornado near their home in Mazie.

Kristen and her family were recording the tornado on the back porch before she and her family decided to take cover.

 “When it touched down that’s when it got loud, and we knew that something bad was going to happen,” said Kristen. “It was completely silent and then it sounded like a train was about to ram into the house, and then once the house shook it was calm again.”

She says they were just feet away when the tornado hit. Coblentz says she along with her friends and family were inside the bathroom when they saw glass shatter around them. The roof of the business just next door to them was also ripped apart.

“We all went inside and we all got down in the bathroom. And the kids were all scared and you could hear stuff falling and you can hear all the loud noise and the wind and glass breaking,” said family friend Leslee.

When the storm cleared Kristen and Leslee surveyed the damage in the backyard. The roof to their barn was ripped apart. 

“It’s kind of shocking I didn’t expect it I really didn’t know that there was going to be a tornado today,” said Kristen

Though it may take lots of time to repair the damage, Kristen says she’s grateful that her friends and family are safe.