Law Enforcement Goes Undercover To Find Tulsa Businesses Selling Alcohol To Minors

Tuesday, August 14th 2018, 10:54 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Tulsa Police and the ABLE Commission participated in an undercover sting operation to find businesses selling alcohol to minors.

It’s an offense law enforcement says they take very seriously in the hopes of saving lives.

Police say they caught one business out of 11 selling alcohol to minors.

“We’re paying attention.  We’re looking if you’re selling to minors,” said Captain Erik Smoot with the ABLE Commission.  “If it’s low-point beer, they’ll get a ticket, it’ll be a misdemeanor.  If it’s alcohol, they have to go to jail.  It’s a felony.”

The clerk caught selling to minors was ordered to appear before a judge and will have to go through an ABLE-approved class.

“I would much rather get out and be preventative…than having to respond to that fatal crash,” said Smoot.

Tuesday’s sting used two 17-year-old girls.  They went inside businesses – followed closely by an undercover officer – and tried to buy alcohol.  If an employee asked them how old they were or asked for an ID, they were told to be completely honest.

“We want these people to know that if you sell to one of these kids, it’s because you wanted to not because you didn’t know,” declared Smoot.

Authorities say these stings could make a big difference and are necessary.

Captain Smoot says, “Our whole goal is to save lives and, if we can do this preventative stuff…we don’t have to go to as many crashes, then we win.”