Family, Friends Remember Loved Ones Lost In Ponca City Plane Crash

Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 9:46 pm
By: Amy Avery

Friends and family of the five people killed a plane crash in Ponca City over the weekend are remembering their loved ones.

Four of the victims were from the same family, two of them children.

“If someone could give a description of an angel, that would be Tim,” said Sheo Villasmil, a friend of Tim Valentine.

Villasmil says he met Valentine when he was in jail during a rough time in his life.

“Tim didn’t know me from apples, but he said he felt like he needed to help me,” Villasmil said.

Valentine ran a mission organization called Jeremiah 29:11 and he spent time flying between his homes in Austin and Independence.  Villasmil says they grew close through their mutual love of aviation.

“I never felt more safe flying with somebody than with Tim,” stated Villasmil.  “He really knew his stuff.  Just a tragedy.”

On Saturday, Valentine was flying back from Ponca City with his friend Bill Warner, Bill’s son Nick Warner, and Nick’s two kids when their plane crashed into a field.

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“I can’t think of a single event that has devastated the community as much as this one has,” said Rick Whitson, the Emergency Manager for Montgomery County, Kansas.

Nick Warner was a volunteer firefighter for 12 years.

“He joined the fire service at the earliest age he could, at 16, and he was probably one of the most respected guys in Sycamore,” said Whitson.

Nick left behind a wife, a daughter, and a soon to be newborn baby.

Whitson says when he heard about the crash, he knew something needed to be done to help the Warner family.

“Hugs and condolences really only go so far and I just didn’t want to add to the grief of the event by any kind of financial burden they may incur,” he said.

He says this tragedy has really had an impact on the entire community.

“I’m not sure if it was just because of who it was or the age of them or the magnitude of the event, but with all of those things combined, I think the entire community is pretty much in shock,” stated Whitson.

If you would like to help the Warner family, a GoFundMe page has been set up.