Surveillance Video: Bystander Hit When SUV Driver Opens Fire After Tulsa Chase

Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 5:40 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Police are searching for five people who were involved in a chase Monday night which ended with an innocent bystander getting shot.

They say a white SUV was chasing a car south on 77th East Avenue. The car tried to turn east on 21st Street when it hit a curb and rolled over. The SUV drove past it, going airborne when it hit an embankment.

Surveillance video shows the driver climbing out of the car and the driver of the SUV jumping out and shooting at him. The video also shows a second man getting out of the SUV and hiding behind it.

It appears the driver of the car was hit, but he left the scene.

Police say a bullet also hit a woman who lives at Colonial Park Apartments on 21st near Memorial Drive in the leg. EMSA took the woman to the hospital and police say she will be okay.

The crash happened in front of Melissa Duvall's house. She said one of the shooters fired a shot into her bathroom window, frightening her family. Duvall said two of her five children were awake at the time.

"They all get up in the middle of the night, they go to the bathroom, sometimes they need a drink. If any of them had been there at that time, this could've been a different conversation," she said.

Police said there were four people in the SUV, but they haven't found any of them or the driver of the car. Police don't know yet what led to the chase in the first place.