City Of Tulsa Proposes Water, Sewer Bill Increases

Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 2:40 pm

Tulsa plans to increase water and sewer rates this summer to catch up with rising costs for maintenance.

These new rates are part of the Mayor's budget proposal that the council is now reviewing. 

The rate increases were explained Wednesday in a work session for the council, as needed to pay for routine maintenance, especially on the sewer side.

The plan is to increase water rates 2% and sewer and stormwater by 9%.

That would increase the monthly total bill for a typical customer by about five and a half dollars.

"So, it's really to re-invest in our infrastructure, just as we do with the street program. We invest in the street program and we have to invest in our water and sewer utility," said Water and Sewer Department Director Clayton Edwards. 

The increases are in line with increases over the last few years.    

The city said they're on track toward catching up with the actual costs of providing the service.