OEA: State Lawmakers Need To Do More To End Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 9th 2018, 5:36 am
By: Dave Davis

It is now week two of a statewide school shutdown with hundreds of teachers making plans to be back at the state capitol this week. 

The Oklahoma Education Association says two things need to happen for the shutdown to end.  They want the Governor to veto the repeal of a $5 hotel-motel tax - in other words keep it in place.  and they want the state House to pass the Capital Gains bill.

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It's called Senate Bill 1086 and it would eliminate the tax deduction on things like sale of property in Oklahoma, sale of stock in an Oklahoma company, or sale of assets of an Oklahoma company.  It would bring in an estimated $100 million for education.

"I'm encouraging the teachers to continue their walk because it's not just about teachers, it's about everyone in this game," said Democratic State Senator Anastasia Pittman of Oklahoma County.

On Friday,  Republican state Senator Greg Treat of Oklahoma County says his frustration was obvious, adding, they passed "ball and dice" and online sales tax bills like the OEA wanted and that he wasn't sure what their next demand will be.