Tulsa Dream Center Prepared To Help Students During Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 2nd 2018, 5:48 pm

There's no shortage of places working parents can take their kids as the teacher walkout continues.

Monday, kids were kept busy at the Tulsa Dream Center, where they are prepared for the next three weeks if need be.

It's just one of the dozens of options parents have.

While school may have been out for hundreds of students Monday, many were still learning; some quietly at Nathan Hale Library, and others with a little more volume at the Tulsa Dream Center.

Reading Partners volunteers stepped in to help keep an academic focus on the day, but that didn't stop Jessiah Mays from shooting a few hoops.

"I want to be a basketball player because I see Steph Curry and all of them doing good, so I wanna be the best," he said.

Mays may not be aware of what's going on at the capitol but he knows what's going on in his classroom.

"We've got some ancient books," he said. "Some of the pages are real tore up and stuff."

While most teachers drove to Oklahoma City Monday, some stayed behind, knowing they could also make a difference at home.

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"I just wanted to be a part of it - see some of my kids and just help out however I could," said Anderson Elementary gym teacher, Bethany Morgan.

Aside from all the activity, including art and music classes, a lunch break with fruits and veggies kept the kids full.

And the Dream Center is ready for students to stay as long as they need.

"However long the strike lasts - if it lasts at least three weeks, we've got activities for that. And we will reset if it goes longer," said Tulsa Dream Center Executive Director Aaron Johnson.

Mays said, "The Dream Center is fun, so more people should come."

With 32,000 kids in Tulsa Public Schools on free and reduced meals, breakfast is already packed and ready for Tuesday morning.

You can find a list of resources for parents here.