Marsy's Law Would Give New Rights To Crime Victims

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 6:15 pm
By: News On 6

We hear all the time that victims don't have enough rights in the criminal justice system. The supporters of Marsy's Law say it will change that and will give victims a voice in court.

It's State Question 795 and will go to a vote of the people next year.

Jacob Crockett was 19 years old when he was murdered inside his Stillwater apartment by a kid he'd known since high school.

"One day they were sitting around the apartment, and this kid just snapped and stabbed my son to death," said Ben Crockett, Jacob's father.

 Jacob was an identical twin and his loss has been devastating for the entire family. Even though the suspect pleaded guilty and is in prison for life without parole, Ben supports Marsy's Law, to give victims more information about the case and court process.
"I'm all for this, this is stuff we absolutely have to have," he said.
Sheri Farmer's daughter Lori was killed just a couple of days after going to Girl Scout camp 40 years ago. They had a terrible time getting information about the case and while the man accused was called by his name, her daughter was referred to by the case number.
"That's when I realized our child had become a faceless number on a court docket," said Sheri Farmer, Lori's mother.
She's worked for years for victims rights and hopes everyone will vote for Marsy's Law in 2018, making victims' rights, part of the state constitution.  It would make courts consider the safety of victims and families when setting bail, and family members would have legal standing in bail hearings, pleas, sentencing and parole hearings.