University Of Tulsa Partners With Marshall Brewing Company

Friday, July 7th 2017, 9:55 pm
By: Justin Shrair

When you think of beer, you don't usually associate it with labs, books and lots of studying, but the University of Tulsa is looking to change just that.

The school is partnering with Marshall brewing company.

TU and Marshall Brewing Company are teaming up to offer a beer brewing certificate program all in the name of science.

Jeremy Sabo is an intern at Marshall Brewing.

He received his bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from TU.

He is also helping set up a unique program at TU, a beer brewing certificate program in a partnership with Marshall Brewing. 

"We'll have, basically six classes, so three of those are already offered in the chemistry and biochemistry department," Sabo said.

Sabo says his curiosity is what drives his love of science and beer.

He says the changing laws surrounding alcohol in the state got the ball rolling.

The idea was proposed by a TU professor.

"So you'll get the history, you'll get, how beer's brewed and why it's important, and all of the lab techniques that go along with quality control and quality assurance," Sabo said.

Sabo even took us over to a lab at TU, showing us some of the science behind the beer. 

"There's calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and all those need to be determined and those are done through scientific instrumentation and someone needs to know how to operate those," Sabo said.

He says the great part about this program is that anyone age 21 and older can take it, giving them hands-on experience, while also creating many opportunities.

"For the breweries that are going to be expanding, to both have students and then for students that want a job, and may don't wanna go work for a big company and go work in beer," Sabo said.

That certificate program is set to begin in the spring of 2018.