ODOT Comes Up With Creative Signs To Send Serious Messages

Thursday, June 29th 2017, 5:44 pm
By: News On 6

ODOT is using humor on highway signs to get a very serious message across from drivers. 

For the last year, Oklahoma's Department of Transportation has been putting a little levity into a very serious message. Safety on the highways and especially the work zones. 

Each Wednesday they put up a sign that'll make you smile, or even pause for a second. 

The signs are a part of ODOT's work zone Wednesday campaign and they've started to gain a following with signs like this one for Mother's Day that read "Call your mom today, but not right now," and many just like it. 

They're written by a small group which brainstorms two months in advance. Annahlyse Meyer is one of those brains. 

"We really look at what kind of message is going to catch driver's attention. The goal is to get them to think about the message and kind of be aware while they are driving," said Meyer. 

Not every idea works, and writing on the boards is tight. Getting a clever safety message that's easy to read at 70 miles an hour all in 26 characters is no small feat. 

"They're kind of fun! We try to get our creative juices flowing and not all of the messages that we come up with are used," Meyer added. 

But when they land on one they use, safer driving is the reward. 

While they appreciate the enthusiasm, ODOT is asking drivers not to try and take photos of the messages they like. All of those are available on their social media pages. Just don't share them from your car.