Jenks High School Teacher Honored With EMSA's 'Everyday Hero Award'

Wednesday, October 12th 2016, 1:10 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

A Jenks high school teacher was honored by EMSA Wednesday for stepping in to save a student's life. 

EMSA honored Marla Cole with its "Everyday Hero Award" after she helped save Cameron Edwards after a traumatic accident at the high school.

Cameron was injured while working on a project in Marla Cole's food and nutrition class.

"I was helping set up an oven cause we just got a new kitchen and I was using a knife to cut a zip tie," said Cameron Edwards.

Cameron admits she probably should've listened to her teacher and used scissors.  But she didn't expect to cut her arm open, sending her to the emergency room.

"At first, I didn't think it was real. I thought it was a dream but then, I looked down and there was blood filling up," said Cameron Edwards

After Cameron sliced her arm, that's when Ms. Cole and her students stepped into action.

"It took me about half a second in mom-time to get there and I knew that I needed to apply pressure so I put both my hands and it took both my hands to cover it," said Marla Cole. 

Cole told student Lydia Hashemi to call the nurse and 911.

"I'm just, like, kind of in shock for a second and then, I kinda pull it together and I'm like 'Ms. Cole, what do you need me to do?'" said Lydia Hashemi.  

Cole's quick thinking was why EMSA gave her the "Everyday Hero" award as students, paramedics and district staff looked on.

"I was doing my job and taking care of her and plus, I was sorry that the accident happened at all," said Marla Cole.

The accident formed a bond between all three.

"It was just perfect timing for everyone and I was surrounded by the best people," said Cameron Edwards

Cameron says she had to get nearly 40 stitches after the accident.