Red River Showdown Means Texas Beer Run For Fans

Friday, October 7th 2016, 8:34 pm
By: Karl Torp

Thousands of OU fans are headed South on I-35 for the big Red River Showdown in Texas.

Those pushing for full strength beer and wine in grocery stores say the beer Oklahoma fans may return back home with is another reason to head to the polls in November.

“Head back Sunday and score some of that Texas beer on the way back,” said OU Senior Connor Burton about his game weekend routine.

Getting rid of the so-called “Texas Beer Run” is one sell being made to voters by supporters of Oklahoma State Question 792 this weekend.

If passed, it would put full strength beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores and eliminate the need to cross the border for stronger domestic beer.

“The need to make that tradition stop in Texas after the big OU-Texas game will not be necessary anymore,” said Brett Robinson, the President of the Beer Distributors of Oklahoma.

Liquor stores fear SQ 792 will hurt their business.

News 9 spoke with a Norman liquor store manager who believes the Texas beer run argument is minimal and so too the difference in the taste of beer.

“You put it side by side and there maybe the slightest bit of difference,” said Corkscrew Manager Peter Richard.

“It’s more full and less watery tasting,” said Burton, who plans to follow Red River Showdown tradition this week and pick up at least two cases of beer in Texas.

“That’s just one of the perks of the game.”