GRDA Crews Heading To Florida To Restore Power

Friday, October 7th 2016, 1:29 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Workers from Grand River Dam Authority are on their way to Florida to help with Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

"The word came down yesterday morning just right before noon that yes, they would like us to come to Florida and that's when everything started happening," said GRDA's Chester Rothhammer.
Less than 24 hours later, GRDA crews loaded up 11 trucks and left for Jacksonville Beach early Friday.  News On 6 was there as they headed out.  

Chester Rothhamer is leading the team of 10 linemen and two support workers.

"We're gonna try to stay together most of the trip. We have mechanics going with us, any breakdowns, these guys are ready and willing to go," said Chester Rothhammer.

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GRDA crews say they'll get to work Sunday afternoon and from there, it'll be all hands on deck.  They said the trucks are stocked with all the safety equipment needed as they work to restore power.

"We know we're gonna be setting a lot of poles so we have shovels and things like that put on there," said Chester Rothhammer.

GRDA says employees were quick to sign up for the trip.  They have a lot of work ahead of them but Rothhammer says his people are always ready.

"Let's make sure we know what we're doing. If there's anything you're not sure of, let's find out," said Rothhammer. 

He says they are not sure when they will be back, adding that depends on how much needs to be repaired.