TPS Plans To Process Enrollment Applications Through Weekend

Friday, August 19th 2016, 5:52 pm
By: Emory Bryan

In hopes of getting students in class Monday, Tulsa Public Schools plans to keep processing last minute enrollment applications through the weekend.

The crowds were steady through the week, even Friday, so that means it's likely some parents haven't finished up.

The enrollment center at Tulsa Public Schools is a required stop for parents new to the district who need to verify their address - in a large district, that's hundreds of families.

While enrollment has been open all summer, the last week is still the busiest time.

“Pretty steady crowds all week, 800 to 900 parents in every day the entire week,” said Kim Serna with TPS.

The center handles paperwork for students both entering and leaving the district.

On the last day for enrollment before the start of school, Pam Bailey found herself waiting just over an hour to finish up.

"We did everything online, the enrollment process, just a little paperwork, and you submit all that to these ladies here and you're done," Bailey said.

The district says most of the paperwork can be done online now, even if people have to just take pictures of their documents to send them in.

If people have no online access they'll need to come in.

But with the online option, the district plans to keep enrollment going through the weekend.

Serna said, "We will have staff working this weekend, so if someone does an online enrollment this weekend, we'll have someone looking at that, ready to approve the documents."

The enrollment center reopens Monday morning.

One unexpected last minute influx that's happening, the enrollment center reports they've had several families come in as they escape flooding in Louisiana.