Bartlesville Mom Denies Allowing Teens To Hold Alcohol Party At Her Home

Friday, July 22nd 2016, 8:29 am
By: News On 6

A Bartlesville woman who says she was asleep when a group of local teens threw a wild party last weekend talked only to News On 6.

Police arrested Peggy Pack, 40, saying as many as 30 teens had been drinking and the home smelled of marijuana.  Pack says she was shocked when she learned there was a party going on inside and outside her home early Sunday.

Peggy Pack tells me she's wrongly accused. 

Marty Kasper: "Do you think those charges are fair?" 
Peggy Pack: "No." 
Marty Kasper: "Why not?" 
Peggy Pack: "because I wasn't here until 11, and when I got here there was no teens here." 

But Bartlesville police say 25-to-30 teens were drinking inside her home early Sunday morning.  Police first arrived after receiving a noise complaint.

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"There were some juveniles that were outside the house, they ran inside," said Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland. 

Pack says she was sleeping when she heard dogs barking,

"And was woke to everybody running around the house, dogs running loose," said Peggy Pack. 

After securing the dogs in the back yard, Pack said she saw teens she didn't know and was told the police were at her door.

"And I came and opened the door, and I came out, and they asked me to have the kids come out, I went in and told them all to come out," said Peggy Pack.

"Some 25 or 30 did come outside," Chief Tom Holland said.

Police then went in noticing a marijuana smell.

"There was numerous liquor bottles, beer cans throughout the house and four juveniles were passed out," said Chief Tom Holland. 

Officers arrested Pack and according to court records, she is accused of contributing to the delinquency of minors and permitting people under 21 to possess alcohol.

Marty Kasper: "You don't know why all these kids were here partying, you don't know who organized the party?"  
Peggy Pack: "I really don't." 

Pack does have teenage kids, but says she never gave permission or was told about a party.

"I do have a teenager, I never saw her, I went to jail not knowing where she was," said Peggy Pack. 

Peggy Pack will be back in court on August 10th where she says she plans to fight the charges.