Campaign To Educate Community Could Save Thousands Of Tulsa Animals

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 7:48 pm
By: News On 6

Animal activists are hoping to save thousands of cats and dogs who would otherwise be killed in the City of Tulsa's shelter.

The movement wouldn't require a larger shelter, but a campaign to better educate pet owners.

Every single week, about 100 kittens and dog are euthanized in the shelter, but city leaders and veterinarians are hopeful that number can drastically change.

It can be tough, stepping into the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter; every row has dozens of dogs, each hoping to catch the right person's eye before it's too late.

"There are puppies and kittens that get euthanized because we don't have enough homes for them," veterinarian Christine Kunzweiler said.

She wants to turn the city’s animal shelter into a safe haven for dogs and cats. The first step is making sure pet owners pay the annual $5 licensing fee after they get their rabies shot.

City Councilor Connie Dotson said, "Most people don't know and aren't aware that they are supposed to have their pets licensed through the city."

If everyone paid the fee, it would amount to over $2 million. The money would be used in an on-going campaign to educate the public on spaying and neutering.

"You need to spay and neuter so we can reduce the number coming in," TAW manager, Jean Letcher said.

Kunzweiler is also hoping she and other veterinarians can offer spaying and neutering for as low as $10 a pet through a program with the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association.

The service is only available to low-income families.

She said more money needs to be raised before the service can be offered.

Right now the city’s legal team is taking a look to see exactly what it would take for the license fees to be directly funneled into the shelter.

You can find more information about licensing your pet, here.