Dick Faurot's 'Take Me Fishing Day'

Saturday, June 4th 2016, 6:46 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

It's free to fish this weekend in Oklahoma, no fishing license is necessary.

Hundreds took advantage alongside our resident expert Meteorologist Dick Faurot during his annual "Take Me Fishing Day," which had anglers out on four different Tulsa-area ponds.

"We almost got rained out this morning, but I’m blaming Stacia for that,” Faurot joked. “That's all her fault"

 Faurot jokingly calling out meteorologist Stacia Knight's forecast, but he says the rain is actually a good thing.

“This kind of weather, they're usually more active, so you have a better chance of catching a fish," he explained.

And everyone welcomed the wet weather at La Fortune Park.

"Really fun in the rain because you get to splash in puddles," said six-year-old Abigail Brungardt.

The little ones reeled in as much as they could.

Four-year-old Ryan Tallman says he caught two fish and his brother caught three.

His father, Scott added, “Sprinkles actually help the fishing and overcast kind of helps too, so it's a good day for fishing."

Six In The Morning's Megan Farley got a few tips from the professional himself.

“Now you see that out there? That's what we call a bobber,” he joked.

Farley responded, “I've heard of those. Thank you, Dick Faurot. I appreciate it.”

Her very first time fishing was with Faurot.

"She's a natural,” he stated.

But she didn't have a chance to catch anything before the rain came pouring down.

Meteorologist Alan Crone met a group that had a little more luck.

"Couple guys down on the other side of the pond said they'd been here for a couple hours and they had 35 in their basket," said Crone.

But no matter what your expertise on fishing is, Dick has some advice for everyone out on the water this summer: "Enjoy yourself. Just have fun... simple as that."