Special Needs Hulbert Teen Surprises Pediatrician With Prom Invitation

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 11:41 pm
By: Tess Maune

Prom is a major event in a lot of young lives. And for one Hulbert teenager it was her doctor who helped make the night extra special.

Dressed in sequins and ruby red slippers, Paige Walls celebrated her high school graduation.

"She loves art. She loves reading, people to read to her. Sitting outside in the evening and swimming," her mom, Mona Walls said.

The Hulbert Senior Center was draped in Hulbert's school colors for Paige's party; and hanging on the wall was a purple prom dress that meant so much to Paige, and her mom.

“It was exciting because I really think that she knew everything that was going on. I could bask in the moment all over again,” Mona said.

Paige, who is known by many as Princess Paige, has a rare neurological disorder called CDKL5. Mona say fewer than 1,000 people in the U.S. are living with the disorder. But even with a disability, Paige's parents have always worked to make their daughter's life as normal as possible.

“Children in wheelchairs are just as special as other children,” Mona said.

So when her senior prom came around, Paige went. The only trouble, her original date, her dad, couldn't get off work. That's when she asked the next best guy in her life, her pediatrician, Dr. Jim Lewis. Of course, both mom and dad approved.

“He's a really, really amazing man. We can call him at midnight if we need him and he's there," Paige’s parents said of Lewis. “He's been there, he knows her, he loves her.”

Her mom helped Paige ask Lewis by writing a 'check yes or no' note. She even offered to pick the doctor up.

“And of course I put ‘X.’ Yes I'm gonna take her to the prom,” said Lewis.

And he did. Paige had a boutonniere for her doctor and he brought her a purple corsage to match her dress.

“I had to bring her a corsage," Lewis said. "You can't not have a corsage for the prom.”

So while on most days she's known as Princess Paige, on her prom night, Paige was most certainly the queen.

“Oh, she looked gorgeous,” Lewis said. “It was wonderful. It humbled me."

"She knew she was on a date," Mona said. "It was a special moment."