Tulsa Doctors See Flu-Like Symptoms, No Flu Cases Yet

Monday, September 21st 2015, 6:37 pm
By: News On 6

Flu season is almost here, but a couple of bugs are already going around. Many people have complained of stomach aches and high fevers.

Everyone thinks it's the flu, but doctors said a lot of people are just getting a nasty cold or a heavy round of allergies.

At the Utica Park Clinic, when a patient complains of having flu symptoms, Dr. Scott Fowler tests for this season's strain as a precaution.

Right now, he's finding people sneezing and feeling groggy from allergies and other cold viruses.

Fowler said he’s seen people complaining of flu-like symptoms – fever, body aches and fatigue – but said his clinic hasn't seen anyone with the flu yet.

"You get allergies, you get all the drainage and all the mucus, and then a virus or a bacteria uses that to take advantage of you," Fowler explained.

His clinic is also seeing strep throat going around for people under 18.

Air samples from the Allergy Clinic of Tulsa show high counts of ragweed, mold and some tree pollen.

Fowler said people need to be seen by a doctor if they start to run a temperature.

“Allergies typically do not cause a fever, so a fever is an indication for infection. It doesn't necessarily mean it's bacterial, it may be a cold, a virus, but it's still a sign that it's more than allergies," he said.

The simple steps of washing your hands and coughing into your elbow can prevent viruses from spreading. Fowler had another tip for those feeling under the weather.

“So a lot of folks come in here and they say, 'Just patch me up, I want to get back to work.' Sometimes the best thing to do to patch yourself up is to stay home and rest," he said.

Flu shots are available at some clinics now.

The Tulsa Health Department said it expects to receive its shipment of the flu vaccine soon.