Tulsa Mother Encourages Other New Moms To Stay Fit

Monday, July 20th 2015, 9:24 am
By: Dave Davis

The Mayo Clinic says exercising during and after pregnancy can help you in many ways.  Along with the physical benefits, It can help improve your mood, give you more energy, and help you sleep better.  

I found a group of new moms in Tulsa who are even getting their babies involved.  

Zion Campbell and his friends like Sawyer and Beckett are pretty much along for the ride. But their moms don't get a free pass when they hit Tulsa's LaFortune Park three times a week. 

Aubrey Kelsey got the idea for Empower Fitness for Moms a few years ago, when she had a tough time following the birth of her first child, Noah.  Noah is the blonde-haired older kid.

"Once I had my first kid, I was very lonely and I kind of went through my post-partum depression ordeal..and I wanted to work out and I wanted to meet moms," said Aubrey Kelsey.  

After she had her second boy, Beckett, a few months ago, she decided to go for it, hoping to build a network of friends.

Krisitin Babb was a cheerleader for years and after having Sawyer six months ago, she wanted to get off her couch.  

"I wanted to get my body back to where it should be.  It's precious and I need to take care of it," said Kristin Babb.  

The sessions involve jogging and running with strollers, using strollers for strength training, and even when they're singing to their babies, they're working out.

And you may be wondering if it's safe to exercise so soon after you've had a baby.  Well, on the Mayo Clinic's website, they have guidelines.  And they say, generally, if it's an uncomplicated birth, you're ready to go as soon as you feel ready. But if you've had complications or a C-section, you should talk to your doctor.  And that's what Aubrey tells her group.

"You have to have your doctor's okay, you've gotta have your doctor's approval," said Aubrey Kelsey.

"But if something is uncomfortable, that's what I try to hit on a lot with women, if something doesn't feel right, let me know."  So if you're trying to get back in shape after baby- even if you aren't planning on going this hard, talk to your doctor."