Former Sooner, Owasso Ram Aaron Colvin Talks Football, Battling Injury

Wednesday, July 1st 2015, 5:29 pm
By: News On 6

Ever since he received the call to the NFL, Aaron Colvin has been on a mission.

"I've been blessed. I mean you see me last year, my knee, I was going through it man,” he explained. “I got a chance to do some great things in the NFL."

After tearing his ACL at the Senior Bowl, the former Sooners draft stock dropped, but Jacksonville took a chance. Despite only being able to play in six games, he delivered.

"I feel like I'm a Florida boy now," he said.           

This season he has a new mission along with a healthy start.

"Last year I was kind of thrown under the fire; it was drown or swim. We're really just learning the game together, and I feel like we're starting to step into that role of starting to own it," he elaborated.

Colvin will play a starting role in Jacksonville's defense. Coaches like his versatility in the secondary.  He says he gets motivation from NFL cornerback Chris Harris, who also has local ties.

"I've always felt like I'm an underdog as well and I think he does as well, and I think that's what's groomed us into what we are today," said Colvin.

Now he's ready to help the Jaguar team that's suffered four straight losing seasons.

"We're just tired of constantly being slept on and constantly talk[ed] bad about... Right now we're just focusing on getting better," he stated.

Even in limited time, he's thankful to be around the people who've supported him the most.

 "Sometimes you'll see a lot of people get to that next level, they'll get to the highest level, and it's almost like the city is down talking them or they're jealous of where they're at. I just appreciate people staying real to me and staying in my corner," he elaborated.

And watch out, Colvin’s younger siblings look to become future Owasso stars, making him a proud big brother.

"[One of the best] things that happens in my life [is] when I see them succeed; I always tell them ‘you [have] to be better than me.’”

His younger brother and sister definitely have a tough act to follow.