Fireworks Stands Open Up Outside Tulsa City Limits

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, 7:07 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Fireworks are now on sale in Oklahoma as folks get ready for the Fourth of July, but you might need a permit to use them in some areas.

All of the stands that have opened or will soon open are outside the city limits of Tulsa because Tulsa doesn't allow fireworks to be sold or used.

While several other counties allow fireworks, many communities require a permit to use them.

Tuesday, a girls soccer team stocked a Big Blast Fireworks stand in Coweta, along with their parents.

It's their first year selling fireworks, and it's a fundraiser to pay travel expenses.

"It's pretty expensive to go to tournaments, so we hope to raise enough to not go out of pocket,” said Lara Inlow, Tulsa Soccer Club.

But this is something of an away game for the players. They're from the Tulsa Soccer club, but they're raising money in Coweta because Tulsa doesn't allow fireworks to be sold or used.

"No, they do not. So we've had to hike out to here, stayed last night to set up shelving and accepted inventory this morning at 9," Inlow said.

That inventory comes from Big Blast Fireworks in Bixby – a locally owned fireworks company that in 30 years has seen more and more communities allow consumer-grade fireworks.

"If you live in Tulsa City limits, no is the answer, so go find someone who lives in another community and go out and have some good fun," said Sherry Barbour, Big Blast Fireworks.

Big Blast has 14 locations this year, all surrounding Tulsa, and they're used to answering questions about cities that do and don't require a permit.

Some places, like Sapulpa, allow fireworks to be sold but not used in the city limits.

Barbour said across the state, far more cities now allow fireworks than do not.

"If you're in most of the county limits in the state of Oklahoma, it's allowed. You need to check your city laws wherever you are to be able to shoot in the city," she said.

The soccer club will spend some of the money they're making traveling out of town, but they're hopeful they'll have a booming business.

State law leaves it up to cities to regulate sales and use of fireworks. The state only controls the time periods they can sell and for now that's until July 5th.

You can keep up with city by city regulations here.