Heavy Rains, Drainage Issues Leave Coweta Family's Home Underwater

Wednesday, May 20th 2015, 5:51 pm
By: News On 6

Tuesday night's heavy rains caused flash flooding in one neighborhood near Coweta, but more than just the rain could be to blame.

One family said they've been flooded twice in just a few weeks, now they're ripping up flooring and trying to figure out what to do next

Misty Kilgore said the water typically comes through a grassy area to a drain, but Tuesday night she said the entire area turned into a flowing river.

"And then the next minute it couldn't go anywhere else, it was just coming so fast," she said.

Misty has lived in her Wagoner County home for seven years and said living next to an underground creek bed has its challenges, but that her family has never experienced anything like the recent flooding.

“I mean just instantaneous. Yeah, I mean it was just, one minute I'm thinking we're going to get flooded again and then the next minute it's just coming in the back door," she said.

The family has stacked sand bags at the back door in an attempt to keep the water out, but it's the second time in three weeks the Kilgore home has flooded.

“Yeah it's pretty upsetting," Misty said.

Wagoner County Commissioner Chris Edwards was out Wednesday surveying the damage.

"We're going to work with the homeowner about doing some ditch work; see what we can do to improve the flow here. When you have a water problem like this you have to be able to make sure you can get rid of the water before you start sending more or you're going to start causing problems once again so," he said.

Edwards said one problem could be the materials surrounding the culverts in the drain next to the home. The other could be concrete, dumped into the creek upstream - blocking the drains and causing a serious back up during rains.

"Because we've had a lot more rain in a lot less time, and it has never even gotten past this low area here, let alone, get into our house," Misty said.

It's a problem Edwards said the county is looking into.

But with more rain in the forecast and her house torn to pieces, Misty said it's hard to imagine what's next.

"I mean I don't know how much it's going to cost, I mean, more than we have," she said.

Misty said they don't have flood insurance but that she is looking into it now.