Snow Or No Snow, It Depends On Where You Live In Green Country

Tuesday, February 24th 2015, 1:25 pm
By: News On 6

Some areas in Green Country were still dealing with snow Tuesday, while others had nothing on the ground.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the snowfall, just the way the storm blew.

Four inches fell in Muskogee, two in Sapulpa and just a half inch in Broken Arrow. Driving around Green Country it seemed that some of the biggest changes in scenery were just a few miles apart.

The line of snow showers didn't make it to Catoosa where the ground was dry and there was no snow on the streets. About 15 miles south, however, there was a little snow, and 15 mile farther, even more.

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In some areas you could see a snow-covered field, and another that looked like it hadn't been touched.

A light snow blanketed the ground in Coweta after two and a half inches fell Monday, but it was quickly turning to water, according to 6th grader, Conner Stout.

"There was a lot more ice then this but the sun melted it now. So the water is starting to move and starting to melt a lot of it now," he said.

Stout spent his day off from school with a snow shovel in hand, clearing out the sidewalk in front of his parents business off of Highway 72.

"I'm just trying to shovel some of the snow to make it not so hazardous for the businesses and people walking out of them," he said.

Ten miles down the road in Haskell, the snow was even deeper and parking lots were covered after five and half inches of snow fell.

Janey Williams said it took her 45 minutes to drive seven miles to work Tuesday morning.

“A lot of it has already melted off just since I came in, this was all solid this morning,” she said. "It was a solid sheet of ice. I was scared to death, my husband kept saying, ‘don't drive, don't drive,' but I have to go to work."

As she watched her step, many drivers used caution on the snow covered roads.

Kids all over town enjoyed the snow day; the older ones rode bikes while younger kids made snow balls and others sat on a sled that was pulled around by a four wheeler.

Knowing another snow storm could be just a few days away Williams had a message for Mother Nature.

"We don't want anymore,” she said.