Bartlesville Recovering From Blast Of Snow

Monday, February 16th 2015, 6:30 pm
By: News On 6

People living north of Tulsa have had to deal with the wintry mess the longest. Rain, sleet and snow started coming down in Bartlesville Sunday evening, but thanks to snow plows and the sun, things started to improve.

Snow plows cleared the way on Highway 75 and other major roadways, but small businesses in Bartlesville relied on snow shovels and private companies to clear their parking lots.

Wes Courtney used his jeep to clear the parking lot of several places Monday.

“I've got one, two, three, this is my fourth place,” he said.

Courtney helped clear the parking lot of Limestone Pharmacies while owner Jackie Gallery was busy shoveling snow and sprinkling ice melt on the sidewalk.

"When it begins to melt, it gets heavy, and it's much more work to get it off; so I try to get it off earlier so customers at least have a path to get in," Gallery said.

She said regardless of the weather, her pharmacy always stays open.

"Some people that will brave the elements, so we got to have it clean so they don't trip and fall. Some of them are older and really need their prescriptions," Gallery said.

For kids, the few inches of snow brought them outside to play.

It was the first time to go sledding for 4-year-old Landry Holmes. He and dozens of others kids spent hours sliding around while others had fun making snow angels.

City crews will continue to dump sand on the roadways as long as necessary.